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August 21, 2018
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As we round out this decade, it is apparent that personal taste is at the center of kitchen and bath design trends. You no longer have to follow a certain style, look, or even color scheme. You are now free to combine whatever feels right to create a unique look specific to your style. Designers are integrating modern with classic styles and technology with nature to create open, colorful exhibitions of what is important to you. Colors are moving away from white. New high-tech and built-in amenities offer new and creative ways to use your kitchen space.

9 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Kitchens are now about transparency, literally. From glass panels to open shelving, homeowners are now expressing themselves like never before. Here is a list of nine things we see happening in kitchen cabinetry.

1. Custom Colors

Shades of white and light neutral colors are still popular, but color is now used to make elements stand out and give your home a custom look. Custom cabinet colors like dark greens and blues, reds, and even sea foam are making eye-catching statements about personal tastes. Unusual neutral colors like earthy grays are creating a grounded look, while dark blue and green finishes can create a high-end look on islands and cabinets too.

2. Glass-Faced Cabinets

Glass has been part of traditional cabinets and cupboards for centuries. Now glass is being used for new effects in the kitchen. Glass panels can break up the monotony of a long row of cabinet doors. Frosted glass can create added texture and lighting in otherwise featureless spaces.

3. Open Shelves

Open shelving creates an opportunity to display items that speak more to the personality of your family beyond functional kitchen items. Shelves are also a low-cost way to break up the weight of multiple wall cabinets while opening-up and modernizing the kitchen.

4. Transitional Styling

Transitional styling combines multiple styles. By combining classic and modern design components, you can add a sophisticated warmth to the home. With so much technology used in the kitchen, it is important to incorporate natural elements and textures to offset the technical innovations.

5. Multiple Finishes and Colors

Similar to transitional styling, color is also being diversified in the kitchen. We are now able to express ourselves by using different finishes and colors on our cabinetry. Most often the kitchen island is used as a focal point and can be offset with a unique color that reflects the homeowner’s style. For example, reds and oranges add warmth or dark grays and blues provide a more upscale effect. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

6. Oak Wood

Solid oak cabinets were the standard in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. The unmistakable look and durability of oak made it a feature in most of our kitchens while growing up. In the 21st century, we saw other wood types and manufactured materials, like plywood and MDF, replace oak. Now, people are returning to oak for nostalgic reasons and for its reputation as a strong, durable wood.

7. Innovative Storage

Storage solutions continue to evolve, especially in cabinetry. Cabinet drawers can now be fitted for virtually any purpose, from organizing appliances to produce storage. Under countertops, you can now find cutting boards, tables, trash storage, pegboard dish storage, vertical lift doors, and message centers. Concealed storage is also evolving to create storage areas from the most unlikely spaces.

8. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

When storage is reduced in other areas, floor-to-ceiling cabinetry gives you more space for kitchen storage and has the added benefit of giving your kitchen a finished look. Our Lancaster and York Cabinet stores work with the GR Mitchell custom millwork shop to create custom molding designs that tie the different aspects of your cabinets, trim, and molding together for a singular one-of-a-kind design.

9. Unique Hardware

Cabinet hardware is a simple way to make your cabinets unique and showcase your individual personality. Companies like Top Knobs, Stone Mill, and Wurth are designing a wide array of high-quality cabinetry hardware. Hardware comes in many designs, finishes, and comfort options to make it is easy to add new levels of personalization for your kitchen and bath cabinets.

Bathroom Cabinet Trends

And let’s not forget the bathroom! Bathroom cabinets are following the unique individuality design trend of kitchens with some considerations of their own.

1. Small and Efficient Your bathroom does not have to be huge. Efficient cabinetry can make good use of the space you have and allow enough customization to let your personality shine through.

2. Furniture Vanity Trends Cabinets are looking more like furniture. Furniture-inspired bath vanities are no exception, as we see turnpost styling, decorative toes, and legs pulling the vanity up off the floor.

3. Neutral Organic Textures and Tones Wood and stone are finding a place in the bathroom to make the space naturally warm and inviting with a contemporary touch.

Explore More Kitchen and Bath Trends

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