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August 21, 2018


Nothing beats the sensation of grilling in your very own backyard in gorgeous summer weather. But there’s nothing worse than the thought of planning a spontaneous backyard barbecue only to find out that you are ill-equipped for the task. Avoid the frustration of being unprepared for family BBQ’s and summer get-togethers with GR Mitchell by your side. We’ve got everything you need to have a successful summer of grilling with your friends and family!

First things first, you need a grill that will suit your culinary needs or one large enough to accommodate a growing group. We have Weber grills for beginners, masters, and everything inbetween. You’ll want to explore their gas, charcoal, and electric options to determine what will work best for you.
Grill Selection

Weber’s Spirit II Gas Grill is the perfect option for those with limited space available. Its two burners and side tables make it extremely convenient. A gas grill is fueled by propane and is as simple to use as cooking in your own kitchen. Just turn on the burners, and after just a few minutes of pre-heating, you can get cooking.

If you’re looking to infuse a more bold, smoky flavor into your food, we suggest you give the Weber Kettle a try. This grill travels well and is perfect for just about any backyard. With charcoal grills, you use charcoal briquettes, wood, or both to fuel your grill. Cooking with charcoal does require a bit more time, but the flavor is worth it.

Last but not least you also have the option of purchasing an electric grill. Perfect for an urban setting, Weber’s Q Electric Series requires only a power outlet to operate. It’s a great option for apartments and balconies.

Finding the perfect grill is often the easy part. Once you’ve settled on which grill suits your needs, next comes planning a satisfying menu and getting all of the required accessories.


Grilling is usually all about the meat, so you’ll want to select the type of meat that your guests will enjoy. Chicken is an effortless crowd-pleaser because it’s easy to prepare and often enjoyed by many. Weber makes it easy to roast an entire chicken on your grill with their Poultry Roaster. Wow your guests by placing a beer can or your favorite beverage in the center of the roaster, and place the entire chicken over the can. You’ll have moist, tender meat with crispy skin and a great grilled flavor to boot!

If your guests prefer dark meat, pick up Weber’s Rib and Roast Holder. It can assist you in cooking either ribs or a whole roast and larger cuts of meat, making it a must-have grilling accessory for cooking beef and pork.

Looking to grill something on the lighter side? Then Weber’s Grill Pan is exactly what you need. Use it to cook shrimp, scallops, or fish right on the grill or even to sauté your veggies right alongside your steak. This is one pan you won’t want to cook without.

Once you’ve got your menu all planned, it’s time to kick the flavor up a notch with Weber’s Seasonings. These spices are expertly blended to optimize your grilling experience. Two of our favorites are Chicago Steak Seasoning – great for steak, pork, chicken, and even salmon – and Kick ‘N Chicken Seasoning – perfect for poultry, pork chops, and veggies.


Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure there is a seat for all your guests. You’ll want to set up several seating zones around the yard to create space for mingling. Try to include a table or stand near each seating area so your guests can enjoy the delicious meal you prepared. Need more seating? Stop by GR Mitchell to browse our patio and outdoor seating selections.

As you can see, everything you need to get grilling in the backyard this summer can be found at GR Mitchell. So the next time you’re thinking of throwing a last-minute BBQ, support local and stop by our store in Willow Street, PA. We’ve got everything you need from propane and charcoal to a brand new grill or patio set. Let’s make the most of summer together.