June 14, 2019
August 14, 2019


Scrolling through holiday craft projects and searching for healthy recipes might not be your style, but if you’re looking for design help and how-to instructions Pinterest is a great resource. It’s one in which we find our customers, both at the retail and contractor-level, draw inspiration from on a frequent basis. The ability to organize ideas in a visual manner definitely has its advantages, but how often do you pin something, file it away onto one of your boards, and never execute on that great idea for your home?

While many pins experience a failure to launch, our millwork shop (in Refton, just down the road from our Willow Street location) recently fielded a request to recreate a beautiful piece inspired by a favorite pin. It all started with a call into our shop describing the perfect window seat and once we learned this was intended for a birthday present for the caller’s wife, we knew we had to deliver. The look, and the timing, had to both be on-point.

The Process

Upon receiving a screen shot of this pin and the key dimensions that we had to work within, it was easy for our craftsmen to develop a sketch for our customer’s review in a matter of days. Once our drawings and our estimate are cleared to proceed, our in-house team at the mill gets to work.

“She absolutely loved it. Thank you for the outstanding job you guys did. It was exactly as I wanted.”

Moral of the Story

Even if you need a little help in the construction phase, executing on those pins can be quick, easy, and add a lot of charm (and value) to your home.

Don’t have a pin to use as a starting point? Quite often providing us with a very basic sketch (or even giving us a verbal explanation) and a few measurements is an adequate place for us to start any custom build. While we’re fluent in contractor-talk, we’ve helped hundreds of homeowners directly with built-ins, framework, historical reproductions, and more.

Have an idea you’d like to turn into a real-life project, call our Millwork Shop Manager, John Freels, at 717-786-7396.