ACRE™ By Modern-Mill

ACRE is a sustainable new building product with the warmth and beauty of real wood. But it isn’t wood, or even a wood composite. It’s a whole new material that’s light, strong, water-resistant, and guarunteed not to rot, crack or splinter. Best of all, it’s manufactured right here in the USA in a zero-waste facility without harming a single tree.

GR Mitchell currently stocks ACRE trim boards and dimensional lumber (1x4, 1x6, 1x8, 1x10, 1x12, 5.25x4, 5.25x6). Additional ACRE products, including sheet goods, decking and siding can be ordered-in, per your request.

Indistinguishable from Real Wood

Enjoy ACRE’s natural beauty—or paint or stain just like the real thing

Sustainable, Recyclable, and Zero Waste

Made in the USA from upcycled from rice hulls, a wonder of water-resistant durability

One of the Industry’s Longest Materials Guarantees

Limited Liftetime Guaruntee: Will not rot, crack or splinter

Easy to Work With

Saw, rout, mill, and screw with regular tools—no special equipment needed. Dust behaves just like sawdust; No static cling and won't clog up tools or stick to the jobsite.

Cool and Slip-Resistant Underfoot

Comfortable for bare feet, even in the sun

Contains no formaldehyde, adhesives or wood fibers

No more worries about rot, mold or emissions

A Fresh New Take on Beauty

ACRE is a brand-new material manufactured in the USA from upcycled rice hulls, a byproduct of rice production. The rice hulls give ACRE its strength, water resistance and natural feel, making it indistinguishable from real wood. And while it looks, feels and handles like real wood it has far less maintenance and a smaller environmental footprint than other materials. It's easy to work with, too.

  • Takes stain or paint, just like wood
  • Workable with traditional woodworking tools
  • Accepts screws and nails easily with a flush finish
  • Lightweight, yet strong and straight
  • Uniform texture throughout and finish-ready
  • Thermoformable, perfect for curved appliations
ACRE Trim Made Of Corn Husk


ACRE is made from upcycled rice hulls in a zero-waste facility. Despite being a natural material, free of phenol, formaldehyde and adhesives, it's resistant to weather, water, and pests.

Interested in Learning More?

Reach out to the GR Mitchell team to talk product details, inventory availability, and pricing.