Prime Builder Services is a Contractor’s One-Source Supply and Installation Turnkey Solution

For years, contractors have relied on GR Mitchell for supplying all of the building materials needed for a project. GR Mitchell now includes Prime Builder Services, a turnkey construction service that combines the supplier and installer which streamlines the process, reduces the demand on contractors’ teams, controls costs through a fixed package price, and puts the liability on us. You will also have the same project manager who handles each phase of the turnkey construction project.

Rough Framing

We work with developers, general contractors, project owners, and homebuilders from large commercial and multifamily projects to smaller residential wood frame projects. Learn more.

Finish Carpentry

By combining your interior trim supplier and installer, we are able to improve the efficiency and accountability of your trim projects.

Custom Architectural Millwork

With our own Custom Millwork shop, we are able to craft the exact components you need, then deliver and install them on site.

Commercial Doors

Our team works with you to specify and select the right doors for the application. We also deliver, frame, and hang the doors for a single price.

Cabinetry & Countertops

We carry 8 cabinetry lines – from basic all the way up to fully custom at our Cabinetry Showrooms. We also carry all of the countertop options. Let us design, deliver, and install cabinets for your commercial and residential building projects.

Construction Pre-Planning

We will coordinate the ordering and staging of materials, as well as reviewing shop drawings and truss production.

Better Quality & Accountability

The shortage of skilled labor in the industry makes it difficult to ensure that a project is going to come in on time, on budget, and with consistent quality. Coordination between multiple companies adds to the complexity. Not with Prime Builder Services on the project.

No Confusion

With Prime Builder Services handling the job from start to finish, there is no confusion on what is needed for the job. The supplier and installer are on the same team, and following the same plan. Prime Builder Services works on projects in South Central and South Eastern PA, plus parts of DE and MD.