September 26, 2018
When you choose Ultrex, you know you are selecting the best material for windows and doors.
October 26, 2018


Are you looking to cut down on energy costs, secure your home, or update the curb appeal of your house? By adding a storm door to the exterior of your home, you can do all three. Storm doors come with benefits that many homeowners don’t know about. They also come in many price points. Our team at GR Mitchell compiled a list of advantages to consider when you are thinking about updating your entryway by adding or replacing your current storm door.

Energy Efficiency & Interior Comfort
With the cold weather approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how to insulate your home more efficiently. Storm doors offer the perfect solution to make sure your home is prepared for the winter.

Storm doors can conserve energy by controlling your home’s temperature throughout all seasons. The additional layer of home insulation protects against drafts, encourages heat to stay in during the winter, and retains the cool air in the summer. These not only support a comfortable environment but can also help you save on your energy bill.

Protection & Security
Storm doors protect from rain, hail, snow, wind, and other harsh elements that could be a danger to your entrance. This extra layer could cut down on maintenance costs directly related to your exterior door and keep it looking new for years.

Not only do storm doors protect against the elements but many models also have a lock that adds an extra layer of security to your home. Aside from that, the door itself can discourage burglars or unwanted visitors by adding a barrier between them and your house.

Versatility & Style Options
You don’t need to compromise your style for practicality. The days of choosing between screen and glass are long gone. There are options to have a hybrid storm door, offering the best of both worlds! Being able to switch between the two with ease comes in handy throughout the cooler and warmer months. Keep your door open in the winter, with the glass panelling protecting your home from the cold, or use the screen to allow the warmth and the refreshing breeze to enter without bugs flying inside.

Along with the ability to coordinate with the changing seasons, storm doors are available in a variety of styles and shapes including full pane, arched, and many others.

Here at GR Mitchell, we want you to feel confident in your home improvement decisions. Should you have any questions, our trusted team is happy to help and will walk you through the process of choosing which storm door is perfect for your home. Stop by our location in Willow Street, PA or give us a call at 717-464-2999.