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July 22, 2020
December 28, 2020


Beach vacations have come to an end, school’s back in session (albeit maybe virtual this year), and temps are cooling. As the seasons change renovations may not be top-of-mind for most folks around the Susquehanna Valley, but for certain projects this is actually the best time of year for home improvements. And when you think about choosing the quickest ways to upgrade with the highest return, replacement windows are on the list. So, what makes fall a great time of year for new windows?

Weather conditions are accommodating. Not only is it milder, meaning you won’t expose the interior of your home to the extreme heats of summer, thunderstorms are much less likely in the fall than spring.
Exterior and remodeling companies are typically busiest in the spring and summer. With spring-time construction shutdowns creating a bottleneck for many in 2020, this seasonal trend was exacerbated. As demand typically slows later in the year, you’re likely to find more flexible scheduling and possibly even more favorable install prices than during peak season.

Of course, the new aesthetic of a replacement window is beneficial, but energy efficiency is the motivation for many and winter can be a brutal time of year if your home is drafty. Tackling this upgrade during the fall can save you from another year of taping up old windows or avoiding certain rooms in your home.
Energy efficiency means you save on your utility bill, obviously, but it also means a more comfortable home on top of minimizing your environmental impact. has compiled a list of the most energy efficient windows on the market, including 8 offerings from Marvin, the industry-leader of energy saving technologies.
Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s celebrations. Are you planning one? New windows might be part of getting your home holiday-ready by creating a comfortable space that you’ll want to show-off.

See, Touch, Feel The Products Before You Purchase

The easiest way to select the colors and features you want without worrying about high-pressured sales pitches delivered inside of your home is to visit a local showroom. This will give you the freedom to touch and feel products installed within their display, rather than portable samples that salesmen typically carry with them, so that you can really get a feel for how they’ll perform in your home.
Visiting a showroom also cuts down on the need to schedule an appointment (which can be a daunting task) and allows you to show up when it’s convenient for you. GR Mitchell’s Willow Street location has a wide variety of windows (and doors) at varying price levels on display with employees that can offer their help if you have questions or need recommendations. If you think you’re interested in speaking with a member of our staff during your visit, be sure to visit during our building material service counter’s hours: Monday – Friday 6:30am – 6pm and Saturdays 7am – 5pm. And since GR Mitchell works with most of the independent contractors in the area our staff can even help you in selecting the right team for install.

Interested in a hands-on approach from the GR Mitchell team? Setup an appointment with a building materials specialist to review our window and door options by calling 717-464-2999 and selecting option 2 or by filling out the contact form below: